Now taking applications for Door Techs

Our goal is to be the choice for construction services based on our commitment to being the Best in Class.  We are committed to our employees and do our best to provide them in a safe working environment.  We encourage new ideas that will increase our growth while maintain our professionalism.

To apply, please open this Job Application form and follow the instructions for submitting your application:

Job Description

You will be responsible for performing door repair service and new and used door installations on customer properties utilizing the highest quality of workmanship, and the Best in Class procedures at all times.

  • Full time
  • Driver's Licenses preferred
  • Willing to travel
  • Able to work legally in the U.S.

Read and obey safety rules and maintain status as OSHA competent person.
Obey with the company’s safety rules/policies and OSHA regulations including hazardous communication, fall protection, confined space, and any other project or site specific safety requirements of the job.
Model safe work practices, including wearing of personal protective devices including safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection, and potential use of safety equipment including steel toed shoes, and harnesses.
Help promote King Construction and Overhead Door Co Inc. in the community as a progressive and safety conscious business.  Negativity is not allowed.
Report to the management any safety violations by any employees.
Always present yourself in a professional company approved appearance and in a verbally manner that enhances the reputations of the company.
Maintain a positive rapport with the owner, architect, engineer, sub-contractor, and prospects at all times.  Negativity is not allowed.
Provide assistance to craft workers, and others communicating using kind words and dialog.
Collaborate with the project managers to, look ahead, anticipate, and organize of all tools, parts, and equipment for aspects of the project.
Verbal interactions with customers and management must be professional, informative, and in a time frame that is relevant to the appropriate job.

Basic smart phone is needed and computer knowledge including emailing, texting, internet applications, such as google, and other online information gathering.
Submit all the required paperwork in a timely manner including; timecards, material receipts, daily reports, equipment maintenance, work orders, and purchase orders.
Able to climb a ladder, operate a lift, set up scaffoldings, and other assembly fixtures.
Lift and carry 100 pounds.
Knowledge in the use of power tools such as; cordless drills and impacts, grinders, sawsals, and other powered hand tools.
Knowledge in the use of non-powered hand tools including a winding stick, torque wrenches, cable cutters, low voltage wire tools and other basic hand tools.
Be able to read and comprehend basic trouble shooting flow charts for both residential and commercial doors installation and operation.
Be able to perform service to panels, track, rollers, hinges, springs, and opener repairs in a customer billable time frame by providing job notes in a manner that makes sense to the job.

Discover what safety equipment is to be worn at all job sites as needed per job location.
Take responsibility for correcting any unsafe working conditions, unsafe tools, and unsafe equipment.
Maintain a secure and clean jobsite, maintaining a clutter free appearance constantly.
Submit notes to the management for anticipated needs of truck, tools, and equipment.
Attend all related shop and store meetings.
Know what to do when and OSHA/Insurance inspector comes on site.
Know what to say or not to say in the event of a job crisis on site.
Report the service trucks maintenance, appearance, tools, stocking, and inventory to management.
Work with management with budgets for tools purchasing, truck inventory, and truck maintenance.
Expense Account Service Orders require prior approval.
Tools, inventory, or units are not to be expensed/sold, demolished, or disposed of without prior approval by Management.
Maintain a weekly job sheet log to turn in to management on Monday mornings.
Turn in all receipts/tickets to management for customer and store accounting on a daily basis.