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Job Description

You will be responsible for completion of all the maintenance shop tools, trucks, construction units, including skid loaders, backhoes, diesel engine units, and gas units both two and four stroke.  Other tool assets, safety equipment, powered hand tools, non-powered tools, maintenance duties will need to be performed.  Delivery of units powered and non-powered and tools will require trucking to and from jobsites, loading and unloading alone. Utilizing the highest quality of workmanship, and the Best in Class procedures, to support the crew’s tools and unit needs.

  • Full time
  • CDL
  • Able to work legally in the U.S.

Read and obey safety rules maintain status as OSHA competent person.
Obey with the company’s safety rules/policies, OSHA and DOT regulations and including hazardous communication, fall protection plan, confined space, and any other project or site specific safety requirements of the job.
Model safe work practices, including wearing of personal protective devices including safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection, and potential use of safety equipment including steel toed shoes, and harnesses.
Report to the management any safety violations by any employees.
Take responsibility for correcting any unsafe working conditions take action and correct.
Help promote King Construction and Overhead Door Co Inc. in the community as a progressive and safety conscious business.  Negativity is not allowed.
Provide assistance to craft workers, the crew and others communicating using kind words and dialog.
Collaborate with the project managers to, look ahead, anticipate, and organize of all tools and equipment for aspects of the project including subcontractors.
Verbal interactions with customers and management must be professional, informative, and in a time frame that is relevant to the appropriate job.
Maintain a secure and clean shop, lot, and jobsite, maintaining a clutter free appearance.

Computer skills including, emailing, internet usage, Word, and some Excel spreadsheet knowledge and smart phone skills including texting and sharing photos.
K drive, shared file of scheduled and incoming work viewable with management.  All tools and units service records will need to be electronically stored.
Electronically catalog locations of company tools in an electronic inventory, and electronically log the repairs.
Must have enough of their own tools to perform basic of repair and maintenance, including oil changes, filter changes, repacking wheel bearings, remove and replacing gaskets, hoses tubes, pins and bushings and to fix brakes.
The use of wire and stick welders, cutting torches, pullers and presses, side grinders, cleaning and painting and installing oil seals will be needed.
Must have enough electrical tools to diagnose and repair basic wiring for lights, fans, flashers, relays, solenoids, and harnesses.
Have facilities safety and facilities maintenance abilities, buildings, doors, lights, roofs, walls, and including the lot.
Maintenance of compressed air systems including air compressors, hoses, and valves, deicing and winterization of air brake systems.
Service trucks, semi, all units maintenance, appearance, tools, stocking, and inventory, including all internal and external vehicles.

Work with management with budgets for tools purchase.
Service Orders to units and equipment require pre-authorized with hrs./costs estimates.
Unit Service Orders require Work Order Authorization Forms.
Expense Account Service Orders require Approval.
Expense Account Service Orders close at the end of each month.
Tools, inventory, or units are not expensed/sold, demolished, or disposed of without prior approval by Management.
All aspects of all vendor warranties processed including, registrations prior to usage, and electronically stored.
Purchase orders for all outside labor and material require management approval
Daily use of time clock is to reflect that all time is accountable to an account, asset, or project.
Know what to do when and if OSHA/Insurance inspector comes on site.
Know what to say or not to say in the event of a job crisis on site.
Submit notes to the management for anticipated needs.
Attend all related meetings and turn in all notes and documents for file.