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King Construction commercial building customers comprise a diverse set of businesses, including carwash, auto and motor sports dealerships, repair garage and truck service centers, banking and financial institutions, educational and office buildings, restaurants, motels and hotels, retail and convenience stores, manufacturing, mini warehousing and warehouses, distribution and logistics facilities, churches, and more. We have the capability to design and construct a wide range of building types, including structural steel, pre-engineered steel, wood frame, masonry, and precast concrete structures.

We are confident in the value the KING approach provides due to the uncommon high level of thought we will apply to the functional and aesthetic design of your Commercial building. With King Construction you’ll not only be working with an award-winning Commercial Design/Build General Contractor, you’ll have a trusted partner with a proven track record of delivering successful projects to businesses in your industry.


Imagine the best features of a garage, storage shed, recreation room or workshop all rolled into one. Maybe it’s home base for your woodworking, gardening, or horse riding hobbies. Perhaps it’s a safe place to store your prized toys like motorcycles, motor homes or a fishing boat. Or maybe it’s a place where your friends like to come to unwind over a game of pool, or to watch the ball game or car race on television. This place can exist with a custom-built Industrial building from King Construction. These multi-purpose buildings, designed and built to your specifications, offer the ideal combination of comfort, privacy, storage and function – without sacrificing style. If you live in Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa, or Illinois and are longing for a place with space, King Construction can make your dream a reality.


King Construction has a long history of serving agri-business and farmers. Whether your focus is dairy, layer, hog, cattle or row crop, you can count on the fact that King Construction is the most experienced and accomplished agricultural contractor.

At King Construction our team understands that the design/build quality of an agricultural structure has a sizeable impact of a farm’s productivity and profitability. When you work with King Construction you can be assured that your facility will be built using cost effective state-of-the-art agricultural design and building techniques. King Construction takes pride in delivering a building design solution that works to protect all your assets.

 You can trust that our expertise doesn’t stop at the barn door – King Construction can handle all of your equipment storage and maintenance building requirements, as well.


If you’re a Commercial building owner and want to get more out of your existing structure, King Construction is here to help. When designing new buildings we focus on maximizing energy efficiency, employee productivity and overall utility, these same principles apply when we begin a Building Renovation or remodeling project. In some ways the challenge in the areas is greater with a rehabilitation project because you’re not able to begin with a clean sheet of paper. When you select King Construction for your Building Renovation project you can rest, assured knowing you have the area’s leading Design/Build General Contractor on your side from start to finish.



The professionals at King Construction comprise one of the most talented, experienced and personable construction teams in the Upper Midwest; many who have been on the KING team for over 30 years, from the engineers, draftsmen, and sales representatives working closely with you in the planning stages of your project to the project supervisors, carpenters, steel erectors, and concrete finishers on the job site looking after each critical detail.  This excellent team of people is the insurance that your vision and investment will be translated into reality.